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Wildabon Quilt with Leah Duncan.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

Want to know one of the most fun things I did in 2016? Easy. It’d have to be my new Wildabon quilt–a collaboration with Leah Duncan. Everything about it was such a delight. To start, I’m a massive Leah Duncan fan. She has a beautiful and distinct style that is all her own. I’ve loved sewing with her fabrics, collecting her goods and just following her work and business as she continues to put out really lovely things. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a kind and thoughtful person too. (Win win win).

Willow Tanks . Carolyn Friedlander

It all started while sewing with some of Leah’s fabric one weekend. The Willow tank on the right is made with fabric from Leah’s Lore collection with Cloud9. (The fabric on the left is some Nani Iro in case you’re wondering.) While sewing along, I started to wonder what it would be like to appliqué some of those shapes, and I kind of became a little obsessed with the idea. Next, I reached out to Leah to see if she was interested in working together, and she was. Hoo-rah!

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

From working with Leah and her designs in the beginning, to making this project a reality, Wildabon was satisfying from all angles. In terms of the appliqué itself, the 7 different design motifs, all of which range in terms of skill level, shape and size, are really fun to tackle on any sized project. If you’ve appliquéd before (or not), there is enough variety of shape to keep you entertained and challenged.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

In terms of fabric and composition, I’ll happily reuse the word satisfying here too, because it fits. While I’m not at all opposed to projects with limited uses of fabric and color–they can be a great challenge–I also love a project where you can use it all.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

This is a project where you can build out as big of a fabric and color palette as you like–or it works with a small one too–and you can mix and match the shapes in as many ways as you can think of. Think of this project as one where you can play with fabric and shape all day…which I happily did. Or, if you’ve just got a few minutes at the end of each day, you can totally spend those minutes composing, cutting and playing with this on your design wall until you get it to where you want it. (I really like that idea…and might need to do that…)

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

Friedlander Lawn coordinates . Carolyn Friedlander

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to use my new lawns–all of them–plus the coordinating lawn solids. This is a good project for using little bits of many things, and I wanted to be able to see all of my fabrics in one place and in a loose color order that would be as engaging to compose and it would be to see in finished form.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

Lawn is one of my favorite things to appliqué with (see two of my Hesperides projects here and here), especially when there is a lot of shape variation and precision. The fineness of the lawn makes creating that edge distinction and combination of shape much easier, plus it’s just so darn soft to sew with.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

You’ll notice that the background fabric is not a lawn, instead it is a piece from Euclid. I love appliquéing with linen too, and here, it makes the perfect backing. The sturdiness of the linen/cotton blend makes it a very supportive backing, and the natural color allows both light and dark fabrics to pop.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

So yeah. That’s my Wildabon quilt. If you like color, fabric and shape, then there’s a good chance you can have some fun with this one too. Since I had such a good time making this one, it’s no surprise that I’ve made more Wildabon things, but you’ll have to stay tuned for those in future posts.

Wildabon Quilt . Carolyn Friedlander

Huge thanks to Leah for working with me on this project!

Friedlander Lawn coordinates . Carolyn Friedlander

I’m excited to see what you all do with it too.

Pattern : Wildabon

Fabrics : Friedlander Lawn and coordinating Cambridge solids (which are Lipstick, Peach, Gold, Smoke, Aqua, Charcoal, Blue, Lagoon) for the appliqué, Euclid for the backing, Friedlander for the binding

(BTW, I’m seeing some lovely kits popping up in lots of places like herehere, here, here, and here–for any Aussies)

Friedlander Lawn precuts . Carolyn Friedlander

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Satellite 5 Quilt by Lynn Harris.

The Satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris is truly a stunner.

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris_

Especially considering how few fabrics went into the making of it.

I challenged Lynn to create a quilt using only the large-scale print from carkai and without even using different colorways to differentiate a motif. (Note: Lynn used two additional colorways in the border and background, but still from the same print! Great, right?!)

As soon as I started to see progress photos, I could barely hold in my excitement. The reason I asked Lynn to work with me on this project was because of the beautifully intricate and interesting fussy-cut EPP she’d been doing on her own. (See here, here, here, here, here…so many good ones!) I was completely fascinated by it and knew Lynn’s vision would be perfect for one way I imagined seeing my newest fabric collection.

making satellite 5 quilt_Lynn Harris

There’s so much you can do with a larger scale print, and I think of this type of project as a way to use it in a small way–one which takes and hones in on a single element of a larger design, extrudes it and pieces it back together in a way that creates something entirely new.

making satellite 5 quilt_Lynn Harris

I love looking at these so much, and I hope to find time to make some of them myself. It looks like a ton of fun and like the type of project that can open your mind up to seeing fabric in a different way.

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris

It was also a treat that Lynn trusted me to quilt it. Quilting for someone else is always something I’ve taken very seriously. It represents a lot of trust, especially on a project like this where Lynn clearly put so much of her thought and time into it. I wanted to make sure my quilting honored and respected that while highlighting what makes the piecing so special.

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris

As for the quilting, I did a mixture of things. First, I started with some basic, big-stitch hand quilting in a complementary color as well as with a little bit of an accent color.

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris

Then I came in with free motion to highlight and further emphasize the beautiful, fussy-cut piecing Lynn created.

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris

Because Lynn is so wonderful, this project is written up as a free pattern available on the Robert Kaufman website (here)–so you can have at it too! I’m pretty excited to see how others interpret this project as well.

Big thank you to Lynn for all of her work on this project. You can find out more about her and her work here and here (Instagram).

satellite 5 quilt by Lynn Harris

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Trail Tote pattern for Doe by Noodlehead.

Black Doe Trail Tote_Anna Graham


I’m such a fan of Anna Graham of Noodlehead.

And so is Nichole, which is the first thing that we talked about when getting together at Quilt Market. See Nichole’s bag? Yep, that’s an Anna, and that’s what we’re talking about today.



Nichole's Doe Trail Tote


Anna’s stuff is always amazing, always smart, and always exactly what you want to be making.

Meet the Trail Tote, a brand-new, FREE pattern that she’s designed to go along with the Doe release and that will live over at the Robert Kaufman website. See here for the pattern.


Doe Trail Tote black hanging_Anna Graham


It has a zipper and cording…


Doe Trail Tote black zipper_Anna Graham


It has a magnetic snap and handy inside pocket…


Doe Trail Tote black inside_Anna Graham


And, it also has another size option!


Doe Trail Totes_Anna Graham


Which is also cute and super practical…


Doe Trail Tote teal zipper_Anna Graham


And has great detailing…


Doe Trail Tote teal cording_Anna Graham


And has more good stuff on the inside…


Doe Trail Tote teal inside_Anna Graham


I know that you guys are already off to a great start with these! I’m dying to make one myself and have found tons of great inspiration on instagram already. You guys are so clever…







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